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Khudbaddii Mudane Cabdirisaaq xaaji Xusseen
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Excursions around victoria
Somali cultural is also big on excursions. We believe by taking short trips together we foster friendships and have fun. We’ve done a few excursions over the years which have been very successful and joyous. Register your interest with us and let us kn...

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Somali cultural music and arts
Somali music and arts are an essential part of the culture and ensuring that the younger generations are exposed to it is important. Slowly by slowly the generation after us are losing their culture, drifting away and trying to fit into a culture that is ...

Vollyball training on Fridays
Somali Cultural Association is a proactive community organisation promoting the wellbeing of its members. In 2010 we started adult volleyball training which is doing so well and we hope to start one soon for our youth and use it as an engaging activity...